copy of Side stripe set/décor suitable for Opel Corsa in desired color with desired text

  • Our side strips are made of the best brand film with at least 7 years of durability.
  • You will receive a set for driver & passenger side.
  • Our decors are created by professional advertising technicians with graphic training. Precise contour cut by state-of-the-art machines and excavated by hand and provided with transparent carrier paper, so-called transfer film.
  • Since we are active in advertising technology ourselves, we know what is good! The films we use, made in Germany, have the best quality. The films are wash-resistant, can be removed without residue, are extremely durable and resistant, UV-resistant and can be glued dry and wet.
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Auto-Dress® stickers are produced with branded film from Orafol (Oracal), 3M, Avery, Metamark or similarly strong brands. We guarantee a shelf life of at least 7 years. All our stickers and decors are created by professional advertising technicians with appropriate graphic training and measured on true-to-scale vector graphics of the corresponding vehicles. This and the real bonding to our own customer vehicles ensures perfect fit for all our stickers, stickers & décor sets.

Our stickers are manufactured with the latest machines and excavated by experienced hands and transferred to transparent transfer film.
So you can position your stickers easily and appropriately.
Even after many years, our films can be removed without leaving any residue. Furthermore, after 48hyou are wash-resistant, UV-resistant and can be glued dry, but also wet!

You need help or would you like to glue your sticker on site?
Then simply contact us via the number or e-mail address in our imprint!


Special customer requests, such as special colors, motifs or other wishes, are always welcome, but of course must be provided with a small surcharge.

Scope of delivery:

Number: 2 stripes/stickers (1x driver and 1x passenger)

Do you have any questions?

Just write us a message!

When completing the purchase, please enter the desired text!

Protection of trademarks:

All Protected Names belong to their owners. All of the names of trademarks or companies mentioned in this description belong to their owners and are reproduced without warranty of free availability.

The names are either registered trademarks or should be considered as such. Please note that the rights of all logos, brand names, trademarks, etc. belong to the respective owners.

The textiles (T-shirt, sweater, jackets, bags) and stickers, stickers and buttons are NOT OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING. The production takes place exclusively individually, in and according to customer order!!!

By purchasing this item, the client declares that he is in possession of the

services is required copyright/trademark rights or, if he is not himself the author and/or trademark owner,

has obtained permission from such for the use of the illustrations, trademarks or names. The contractor shall not check whether the client is in possession of the services required for the services to be provided.

copyright and trademark rights. If you are the owner of one of the trademarks listed above and see it infringed, please send us a warning in advance and no WARNING!

If, despite all care, an infringement of rights is found on our Internet pages, the fastest way to eliminate it is to send us an e-mail with a corresponding notice. We assure you to remedy any established infringement as quickly as possible and to refrain from doing so in the future. A lawyer's and cost-based warning would delay the removal for technical and organizational reasons. It would therefore have to be regarded as pretextual and created solely for the purpose of making money.

We carefully research protected trademarks, logos and lettering. Nevertheless, mistakes are not intentional but to be regarded as human. If you are the owner of one of the brands listed above and see it infringed, please contact us, we will delete the trademark from our range.

(All Trademarks belong their restrictive owners) If you are an owner of a trademark shown above and feel violated your Rights, please contact us, we will remove the Trademark from our Product Range.)

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copy of Side stripe set/décor suitable for Opel Corsa in desired color with desired text
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