Car Film & Accessories

Car foil for car wrapping and accessories. Brand film from Mactac, KPMF & Arlon as well as our own brand Auto-Dress, Rakel, foil sets etc.


  • Car-Wrapping Films

    Quality car wraps for your vehicle. Discover our selection of brand products for professionals.

  • Design films

    Design films: individuality meets style

    Discover our exclusive selection of design films that give your vehicle a unique and personal look. Our category "Design films" offers a wide range of high-quality, creative film options that allow your car to be removed from the crowd. From trendy Erlkönig designs to lively Stickerbomb patterns - our films are carefully selected to serve a variety of styles and preferences. Each film is not only an optical highlight, but also provides protection for your vehicle. Ideal for car fans who value individuality and expression. Immerse yourself in a world full of colors and patterns and find the perfect design slide that highlights your personal style.

  • Plott- & cutting films

    High-quality sealing and cutting foils for precise designs. Ideal for advertising and creative projects.

  • Tinting films

    Discover high-quality Armolan Coloring foils. Perfect visual protection and UV protection for your vehicle.

  • Furniture film

    Discover high-quality furniture films for a new living environment. Stylish designs, easy to attach.

  • Protective films

    High-quality films for visual protection and aesthetics. Ideal for offices, home and decorative purposes

  • Tools and accessories

    All for filming: Rakel, Cutter, Magnets, Meter counter and more. High quality tool and accessories for professionals

  • Raw material for...

    High-quality digital printing films & laminates for professional printing results. Ideal for creative and technical projects

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