Lil'Chizler Finish Rakel
Lil'Chizler Finish Rakel
Lil'Chizler Finish Rakel
Lil'Chizler Finish Rakel
Lil'Chizler Finish Rakel
Lil'Chizler Finish Rakel

LiL’ Chizler - The finish squeegee for tint, foiling and detailing!

  • MUST: The squeegee that NO ONE should miss
  • DETAILING: No Lil Chizler - no perfect finish
  • SCRATCH-FREE: Due to the special hard plastic, lettering and adhesive residues can be scraped off scratch-free!
  • TINT: in the tint, the Lil Chizler is in its element: pressing in hard-to-reach places.
  • PROPERTIES: Small, hard, flat, with finger recess for perfect grip, different bevels.

The world's best plastic scraper! The LiL’ Chizler has an enormous variety of applications.
The Lil'chizler started as a simple tool for scraping ice from windshields, but quickly found its way into many other industries. A good example is the advertising industry, which uses the Lil'Chizler to remove vinyl letters from metal and aryl signage. The sharp edge of the Lil'Chizler cancels out the resistant vinyl without scratching the underlying substrate.

Wrappers find the Lil'Chizler invaluable for removing road tar and other stubborn dirt that finds its way to their customers' cars. Furthermore, original vehicle letters, adhesive residue, old inscriptions and much more can be easily removed.
Also in detailing as well as in the foiling of antennas without the previous disassembly or the foiling of trim strips and much more, the Lil Chizler with its narrow edge and the hard construction is indispensable to bring the film everywhere to your intended place.
The Chizler with its different radii is also the perfect tool for perfect grouting.

Everyone should have a Lil Chizler:
A tool with endless application possibilities!

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