Meter counter Universally applicable: foils, fishing line, wallpaper, cables, meter counter


PRECISE: Measurements from 1cm up to 99999.9m. The reset function is spring-controlled and can be optimally reset.
VERSATILE: Can be used for films, wallpaper, fishing line, cables, carpets, PVC and much more.
GENTLE ON MATERIALS: Solid rubberized wheels for precise and damage-free measurement of your goods.
UNIVERSAL: Thanks to the pre-drilled back plate, the meter counter can be optimally adapted and mounted to a wide variety of applications.
RELIABLE: We supply a diverse customer group, from printers to craftsmen to foilers. Everyone can rely on our meter counter.

Meter counter / universal counter for (car) foils, fishing line, wallpaper, cable - versatile

Length specifications can be read down to one centimeter up to 99999.9m and can be easily reset via the spring-controlled button. The rubberized tires ensure precise measurement without slipping. In addition, the rubberized wheels ensure undamaged counting on your materials.
Due to the pre-drilled back plate, the meter counter can be mounted on various devices according to your own needs.

Can be used in many different situations!
- Films
- Carpets
- Cable
- Fishing line
- Wallpaper
- u.v.m.

Scope of delivery:
1x meter counter (8.5 x 5.5cm)
2x rubber wheels (10,5cm)

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