Foiler Set - Pro: 3x 3M squeegee |2x...
Foiler Set - Pro: 3x 3M squeegee |2x...
Foiler Set - Pro: 3x 3M squeegee |2x...
Foiler Set - Pro: 3x 3M squeegee |2x...
Foiler Set - Pro: 3x 3M squeegee |2x...
Foiler Set - Pro: 3x 3M squeegee |2x...

Foiler Set - Pro: 3x 3M squeegee |2x foil knife | 2x spare blades | 3x Magnets | Lil Chizler


Scope of delivery:

3x 3M squeegee

2x Deli foil knife

2x Deli spare blades

3x Magnets

1x Lil Chizler

The blue squeegee of 3M is a reliable companion in every activity of foiling.
Due to the excellent properties, perfect strength and the durable felt edge, the squeegee offers equally good protection, as well as the best properties for bonding.

Film editor:
Stainless steel guide with 30° brand blade for foilers, graphic designers, model makers and much more.10x SK-5 steel blades (better than carbon steel): Extremely sharp, durable & ground on both sides! No play in the blade for precision work. Auto-Lock Locking DeviceReliable cutter clamp with internalized removable breaker. Dimensions: (L)13cm x (W) 1,1cm, Height: 0,35cm(Body); 0,8cm(with closure+clip, on the cutter head)

30° Deli blades:
Sharp, sharper, SK-5 steel ground on both sides! Deli offers 30° brand blades for foilers, graphic designers, model making and much more - carbon steel was yesterday! 30° blades are ideally suited for precision work. We have many wrappers and advertising technicians in our customer base!

Lil Chizler:
The Lil Chizler is a must for every household and even more so for every wrapper! In detailing, it is indispensable to bring the film to the body in narrow edges and beads. It finds space in every seal and the necessary hardness to push it aside. The Lil Chizler is also indispensable for the scratch-free removal of adhesive residues.

The Auto-Dress magnets have been specially developed for vehicle foiling. They are equipped with the perfect strength of magnets to secure the film to the vehicle and to facilitate the cutting of the film as well as the application as the sole installer.

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